Driver Responsibilities

As the new driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is kept in a safe and roadworthy condition at all times.

Warrant of Fitness, Registration and Road User Charges

Your ORIX vehicle must always display current WOF and registration labels.  If your vehicle is diesel powered you must ensure the road user charges are current for both the distance travelled and weight.

Regular Servicing and Mechanical Repairs

Under the terms of your ORIX lease it is mandatory to ensure your vehicle is serviced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals (found in the owner's manual). These services must be carried out by an appropriate manufacturer’s service centre. If you are not sure who this is, please call the ORIX Driver Helpline on 0800 506 749.

Failure to comply with the manufacturer's servicing requirements is a breach of the lease contract, irrespective of the type or features included in the lease. Missed or severely overdue servicing could compromise the warranty on the vehicle, meaning that any mechanical failures may not be covered and could be you/your company's responsibility.

Fully Maintained Lease Features

If your vehicle is under a fully maintained (ORIX maintained) lease agreement with ORIX then some of the costs associated with maintaining your vehicle could be covered as follows:

  • Scheduled servicing in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations (it is still your responsibility to book your vehicle in, you then just refer the service centre to ORIX for authorisation and payment).
  • Mechanical and maintenance repairs resulting from Fair Wear and Tear. This includes punctures, wheel alignments and balancing.
  • Replacement tyres for Fair Wear and Tear.
  • Warrant of Fitness.
  • Annual Re-Licensing - Replacement labels will be sent to you prior to the expiry of your existing license.
  • 24 Hour Assistance and Driver Helpline.
  • Replacement Vehicle - if your vehicle is going to be off the road for a period exceeding 24 hours.

See Service Intervals for more information on booking in a service.

Please note: The above features of an ORIX Operating Lease are optional. Please refer to your Identification Schedule for lease inclusions or talk to your ORIX Account Manager.

What is NOT covered under your ORIX Lease?

  • Fuel costs (unless included in your Identification Schedule).
  • Road User Charges (unless included in your Identification Schedule).
  • Damage or repairs required that fall outside of the parameters of our Fair Wear and Tear Guide (Click here to view our Fair Wear and Tear Guide).
  • Insurance (unless included in your Identification Schedule).
  • Traffic Infringement notices including speeding and parking fines are your responsibility.  We strongly encourage you pay these on time to avoid further penalties or possible court action.
  • Toll road charges.

Booking in a service for a Fully Maintained Lease

Under the terms of your lease contract you are required to arrange for your vehicle to be serviced at the manufacturer's suggested intervals (these can be found in the vehicle's handbook).

When your vehicle service is due, please follow these steps.

  1. Contact your local franchised service agent for the make of your vehicle and arrange a suitable time with the service department.  Please ensure you advise them that it is an ORIX vehicle.
  2. Most agents will require several days’ notice and some may offer a courtesy vehicle.  If you require a courtesy vehicle you will need to request this in advance.

    Please be aware that prior to holiday periods or long weekends additional booking time should be considered to ensure your needs can be accommodated.

  3. Ensure the vehicle handbook is in the glove box and reconfirm with the service advisor that it is an ORIX leased vehicle so the service agent can contact us to authorize any work to be completed.

If you have any questions regarding the servicing procedure please contact our Maintenance Team on 0800 736 749.

Glass Repairs

Glass replacement or repairs are not covered by an ORIX lease, however in many cases glass repairs will be covered by your company’s vehicle insurance.

Please provide the glass provider with your vehicle’s insurance details in the first instance. If your insurance policy does not cover broken or damaged windscreens or glass, ORIX can use our purchasing power to help reduce your costs.

Smith & Smith Auto glass is ORIX’s preferred provider. To find your local store, contact: 0800 809 080 or

Tyre Replacement and Repairs

Tyres are a major safety, comfort and performance feature of your vehicle. It’s important to ensure that your tyres are safe and road worthy.

  • Tread depth and wear. Your tyres must have a minimum of 1.5mm tyre tread to be legal, this is the bare minimum. We recommend you book your vehicle in for a tyre replacement well before they reach this stage.   
  • Under or over-inflated tyres can significantly affect your vehicle’s handling, tyre wear, and fuel efficiency. You can find the correct pressure settings in your vehicle’s owner manual or on the tyre placard located on the vehicle’s right door / b-pillar area. We recommended you check your tyre pressure regularly to ensure they are correctly inflated.
  • Fully Maintained (ORIX maintained) Leases come with a tyre allocation which can be used to cover tyre maintenance. Any additional tyres over your allowance will be charged to your account accordingly. Please contact your account manager for details on your tyre allowance: 0800 106 749.
  • Replacement tyres will be the same size and speed rating as those originally specified within the ORIX Lease. All tyre suppliers must obtain authorisation from ORIX prior to replacing your tyres.

The supply of tyres and associated services can be obtained from Bridgestone / Firestone stores. They have extensive coverage throughout New Zealand and can be contacted on 0800 802 080 or

If you have questions regarding tyre replacements please contact the ORIX Maintenance Team on 0800 736 749.

Accidents & Vehicle Replacement

In the event of a serious accident, immediately call 111 and engage the appropriate emergency service response.

For minor accidents, or if your vehicle has broken down, please call the ORIX Driver Help Line on: 0800 506 749.

If you have a full replacement vehicle included in your ORIX lease, a replacement vehicle can be arranged at no additional charge if your vehicle is expected to be off the road for a period exceeding 24 hours due to breakdown, accident or theft (conditions apply).

To arrange a replacement vehicle call ORIX on 0800 506 749 and provide your name, vehicle registration, contact phone number and a brief description of the problem. We’ll help you get back on the road as soon as possible. 

Vehicle Lease Return

Prior to the expiry of your ORIX lease vehicle, your Account Manager will make contact with you/your company to arrange for the replacement of your vehicle.

The delivery dealer for your new lease vehicle will normally arrange for your existing lease vehicle to be returned back to ORIX. To assist this process, make sure your existing vehicle is clean and tidy at handover, has all the accessories and ancillary items it was delivered with (including both sets of keys and any handbooks), and is empty of any personal belongings. 

Alternatively you can return the vehicle to our sales yards, located in, Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch. You can also contact your Account Manager who can help you with an alternative solution.

Fair Wear and Tear

Taking into account a vehicle’s mileage and overall condition, ORIX’s Fair Wear and Tear policy summarises the degree of deterioration judged to be reasonable when an ORIX vehicle is returned at the end of a contract period.

An amount of wear and tear will occur through normal everyday business use. However, ensuring that a vehicle is properly cared for during its lease term will help minimise or eliminate off-lease charges (charges for repairing damage that is not Fair Wear and Tear).

Click here to view our Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

For more information, please contact your ORIX Account Manager on 0800 106 749 or consult your lease contract for the vehicle.