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To help you decide whether a finance structure is the right option for you, check out our FAQs below for more information.

What does ORIX finance?

ORIX funds a variety of both new and used assets including:

  • Transport - trucks, trailers, forklifts and racking
  • Earthmoving and Construction - excavators, bulldozers, tractors and cranes
  • I.T. - computers, servers, and phone systems
  • Printing - offset printers, digital presses and shrink wrappers
  • Food Technology - meat harvesters, packaging equipment and mixer mincers
  • Engineering - CNC lathes, welding equipment, bench saws
  • We have also funded car washes, ultra sound and dentistry equipment, gaming machines and even a dog wash.

What finance paper can ORIX provide?

  • Conditional sale agreements (Hire Purchase)
  • Finance and security agreements
  • Finance leases
  • Equipment leases

Can ORIX accommodate seasonal payments?

ORIX understand that a number of businesses operate in seasonal conditions.  In these situations we can easily structure the financing so it accommodates lower payments during the quieter months to ensure there is no undue pressure on cashflow.

Can ORIX provide funding without the need for a deposit?

Cash is king and ORIX is more than aware of the need for clients to preserve cash flow to help the day to day running of their business.  ORIX provide fundiing structures that include financing 100% of the price of the asset.

How can ORIX assist with manageable monthly finance payments?

In addition to providing 100% funding and seasonal payments ORIX can include balloon payments into the financing structure of a deal which will help keep the monthly payments at a more manageable level.  The balloon payment will be set at a conservative level to ensure the client has some equity in the asset at the end of the financing term.

Can't find the answer to your question here?  Give us a call 0800 266749 and one of our lease specialists will assist you.

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