Fleet Planning

Whether you want a fleet of economical cars or have a complex mix of vehicle needs, we can help build the ideal fleet. Saving you time, money and ensuring your vehicles can do the job.

Vehicle Selection

We don’t just know what’s out there, we know what’s coming in and what will suit your individual needs. Through our relationships with vehicle manufacturers and their dealerships, we’ve always got an eye on the horizon for the best solution.  Once selected, we can then bring all our purchasing power to play – negotiating better deals, upgrades and priority delivery.

Vehicle Maintenance and Tyre Management

Your staff are your most precious resource. Ensuring their safety through proper fleet maintenance is non-negotiable. We always aim to achieve competitive rates but never at the cost of safety. We will authorise work, analyse the invoice, and if necessary discuss any inconsistancies with the supplier. Your business benefits in two ways – from our buying power and from the peace of mind that a trained expert is managing your vehicles.

Keeping it Legal

Forgetting just doesn’t happen with ORIX Fleet Management. We issue registrations, WOF alerts and manage Road User Charges, so your drivers can focus on getting the job done.

Fuel Card Management

Why leave fuel to chance? ORIX can deliver savings with pre-negotiated fuel card services, simple monthly billing and notification of any irregularities.

Accident and Breakdown Management

We want to keep you moving. That’s why ORIX offers “First Call” 24/7 assistance to your company drivers. Whether breakdown or accident, we’ll manage the entire process from tow truck to repairs, providing a replacement vehicle and dealing with insurers. We’ll pull out all the stops to minimise down time and keep your business moving. 

Infringement Management

No one likes tickets. Fortunately ORIX can offer consolidated infringement payments to make tickets less painful and send you reports to help you effectively monitor driver behaviour.

Reporting and Tracking

ORIX has developed a state-of-the-art suite of fleet management reporting and tracking systems to help you run your fleet efficiently and safely. Our OneView portal can produce analytics and insights 24/7, and with ORIX Telematics you can trace any vehicle for operational efficiency and security.

Driver Training

Need staff to upgrade their skills or work across different sized vehicles? ORIX can provide driver training initiatives across your fleet with both theory and practical instruction packages to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Vehicle Disposal

When it’s time to retire your fleet, we can help by managing repairs, cleaning or reconditioning and advise you on how to get the best possible prices from our network of resellers.