ORIX telematics is a powerful solution that reveals the hidden daily costs of operating a fleet while placing real-time driver behaviour data at your fingertips. This allows you to moderate driver behaviour and maintain a positive brand reputation.

At ORIX we’ve developed our telematics system to deliver tangible benefits to our clients, aligned with three critical objectives; increase productivity, reduce expenditure and improve driver performance.

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Increase Productivity

  • Single sign-on for all fleet management needs.
  • Enhanced vehicle utilisation through improved monitoring.
  • Improved productivity due to live tracking.
  • Reduced administration by using an electronic logbook.

Reduce Expenditure

  • Identify fuel savings through idle time and speed management.
  • Contribute to reduced crash costs and vehicle downtime.
  • May help reduce insurance premiums.

Improve Driver Performance

  • Enables easy identification of driving risks.
  • Facilitates specific alignment of driver training requirements.
  • Establishes measurement for driver reward and culture.
  • Provides customisable company benchmarking.

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