Get The Wheels Turning Again

The impact of Covid-19 is being felt across every business in every industry around the globe in one way or another.  For some it has led to unprecedented growth, for others unprecedented losses.  For all, it has challenged the way we operate and made us prioritise the ‘here and now’ to support our business interests, customers and suppliers through this time.  Here are just a few examples of how ORIX can support you:

Need a capital injection?

ORIX Sale & Leaseback is a product where we purchase your fleet and lease it back to you. It is a great way to get an instant cash injection, potentially de-risk a loss on sale and achieve considerable cost savings. The capital you gain from this process could ease up some of the financial pressures your business might be facing. 

For full details on this process and its benefits visit our sale and lease back page.

Wondering if there are options to reduce your lease payments?

Yes, there may be options to lessen the impact of this year’s outgoings. Talk to us about a lease rate review or a possible lease extension by contacting your Account Manager or calling our main line on 0800 106 749.

Need a vehicle, but unsure about committing long term?

ORIX’s Used Vehicle Leases are the perfect way to stop gap vehicle requirements without the long-term commitment. Utilising our quality ex-ease vehicle stock, we can provide vehicles for a wide range of needs that offer lower monthly lease rates and attract lower fringe benefit tax rates. Contact your Account Manager today for further details or call our main line on 0800 106 749.

Want to finance your vehicles and the servicing costs, all in one?

ORIX Finance Leases offer more versatility than a typical Operating Lease. Variable deposits, balloon payments, and tailored monthly lease rental charges allow you flexibility and fiscal control over your company vehicle fleet, without tying up important cash reserves, or exhausting an existing line of credit. You can also include servicing costs with a fully maintained finance lease for ease of forecasting cashflow and peace of mind.

Want to save money on your fleet operations, but don’t have the time?

We have been successfully managing fleets for Kiwi businesses since 1988. From the largest corporates to owner/operators, we have managed fleets through all the ups and downs. Utilise our outstanding customer service, extensive industry expertise and the significant cost benefits we can deliver through our economies of scale.

The keys to our success are our Maintenance Managers who budget, negotiate and analyse your fleet to ensure you are getting the very best performance from your vehicles – not just on the road but on your bottom line.

Whatever your situation, we want to ensure we are offering you all the options to keep your fleet running and your business well supported. Please get in contact with your Account Manager or one of our team on 0800 106 749 so we can talk through the options you have available.