Summer Driving Tips

That’s right, shorts and singlet weather is approaching. Make the most of it by making sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition, inside and out.

PLAY IT COOL. The heat of summer puts pressure on the engine and cooling system so make sure your vehicle is serviced on time and topped up with fluids regularly to keep it in great working shape.

SUN ON THE HORIZON. The long afternoons may be great for a BBQ but aren’t great for driving in the late afternoon with the sun on the horizon. Keep a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses on hand to help you see the road and avoid any incidents.

DON'T DRIVE TIRED. With daylight saving comes longer days and more activities that can lead to driver fatigue. Be on the lookout for signs like restlessness, blinking frequently, yawning and drowsiness, that will alert you that a break is required. Always take a 15 minute break every 2 hours regardless.

BEWARE OF SEA AND SAND. Salt water will cause rust and corrosion to your vehicle, something that falls outside of the fair wear & tear guidelines. While we recommend avoiding salt water and parking as far away from the beach as possible, we know there are times where this can’t be avoided.

To help lower the impact to your vehicle, use a car wash with an under vehicle wash function in each instance to reduce the level of deterioration and financial implications to your business.

EASE UP ON THE ACCELERATOR. With the start of summer comes lycra season. This means more runners, cyclists and pedestrians so ease up on the accelerator, increase your following distance and use caution in areas with pedestrians or heavy traffic.

BE AWARE OF THE TEMPERATURE GUAGE. Driving an over-heated engine can cause significant damage. If you see the temperature gauge rising into the amber zone, turn off your air conditioner, turn on your heater (to draw heat away from the engine), then pull over safely and shut down the engine.

Do not attempt to remove the radiator cap or take other action yourself. Simply telephone our driver helpline: 0800 506 749 for assistance.

CARE FOR YOUR PASSENGERS. It may come as a surprise that the AA receive on average 1400 call-outs a year* for kids and pets left in hot vehicles. Temperatures can soar to 40 degrees in a locked car within 2-3 minutes on a sunny day, even with a window left slightly ajar. Take extra care of all your passengers on hot days and do not leave them alone in a locked car under any circumstances.

STOCK UP FOR THE UNEXPECTED. Be prepared for summer breakdowns. Carry water, snacks, a first aid kit, charged cell phone, sturdy walking shoes and a hat in case of emergencies.

KEEP ON ROLLING. Perform regular inspections of tyres to make sure that they are properly inflated and that there are no breaks or cracks that could lead to a blow out from hot asphalt in the height of summer.

If you have any concerns about driving this summer then please contact our support team here at ORIX Support: 0800 506 749.

*John Healy,, 30.1.2018.