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Truck & Trailer Lease

Fully maintained and non maintained leases on new and used trucks & trailers

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How It Works

You decide the manufacturer, the specification, and choose the goods which ORIX will purchase on your behalf.  We then lease the goods to you with an Operating Lease agreement.  This provides you with a fixed monthly lease rate which can include maintenance and servicing over an agreed term.

Another lease option to consider is a Finance Lease.  You have the right of possession and ORIX retains ownership until the end of the lease when ownership can transfer to you with payment of a guaranteed balloon payment (which you negotiate at the start of the lease).

What Do We Lease?

ORIX will lease both new and used trucks and trailers of all makes, sizes and specification.

We will also lease I.T. and medical equipment, earthmoving equipment & forklifts.

How It Benefits Your Company

  • Your monthly costs are fixed with no surprises.
  • Simple and accurate budgeting and reporting.
  • No capital tied up in vehicles.
  • You choose the brand, model and specification.

Other benefits/options to consider

  • 6 monthly review of each lease, enabling a restructure if your mileage or hourly use is considerably different to what was contractually agreed.
  • Tailor-made packages for clients who have a preference to maintain their assets themselves.
  • We can provide lease options on ex-lease vehicles.

Our relationship with you is based on integrity - there are no hidden costs or surprises at the end of your lease.

Have a question regarding Truck & Trailer leasing?  Give us a call on 0800 26 6749 and one of our leasing specialists will assist you.

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