Variable deposits, balloon payments, and tailored monthly lease rental charges allow you flexibility and fiscal control over your company vehicle fleet, without tying up important cash reserves, or exhausting an existing line of credit.

  • Flexible – costs tailored to suit your business needs.
  •  Services – the option for ORIX to manage (and either include the costs in the monthly lease payment or have them on-charged as transactions occur):
    •  Maintenance & Tyres
    •  Registration
    •  Road User Charge Management
    •  Tolls & Infringement Management
    •  Fuel Card
    •  Replacement Vehicle
    •  Telematics & more
  • Finance a wider range of vehicles from passenger, light commercial or heavy commercial.
  • Allows additional accessories and fit outs.
  • ORIX buying power – best possible price and service from our preferred dealer network.
  • No significant upfront costs.
  • Easy budgeting and planning with regular monthly Finance Lease payments.

How does it work?

ORIX uses its exceptional buying power to purchase the new vehicle of your choice. We retain ownership until the final payment is completed. Toward the end of the lease, ORIX will talk with you about the available options.

A comprehensive fully maintained (ORIX maintained) vehicle fleet management package can also be included in your monthly lease repayments. This creates a hassle-free way to finance and operate your company vehicle fleet and eliminates the cash flow pressure of lump sum payments and unpredictable costs. 

A Finance Lease is more flexible than an Operating Lease as it can be structured specifically to suit your financial requirements. 

After a quote or more information on Finance Lease?

The most common form of lease and is tailored to suit your individual vehicle requirements. An Operating Lease provides all the benefits of owning a new vehicle, without the risks, costs and hassles of ownership.

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A Used Vehicle Lease offers many of the advantages of an ORIX Operating Lease or ORIX Finance Lease but with the cost benefits of using a quality ORIX ex-lease vehicle.

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Sale and Leaseback is a product where we purchase your fleet and lease it back to you. It is a great way to get an instant cash injection and achieve considerable cost savings.

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Leasing FAQ

ORIX will purchase a vehicle to meet your specific requirements.  You can select any vehicle that is available new in New Zealand (subject to credit criteria and conditions). 

You choose the lease term that suits your business requirements.  But to be classified as an operating lease for tax purposes, the term must be no more than 75% of the asset's estimated useful life from the lease commencement date as specified by the Inland Revenue Department.  The tax operating lease threshold is therefore 45 months for a passenger vehicle.  Light commercial vehicles can be leased for longer terms, typically up to 60 months.

ORIX understands that circumstances can change throughout the term of your lease and many vehicles will not be returned with the exact kilometres as contracted.  Should you return your vehicle with more kilometres than contracted an excess kilometre charge will apply.  The rate to be charged is set at the commencement of your lease.  If vehicles are found to be well over or under their vehicle kilometre allowance when compared to their contracted lease allowances, then the contract can be re-rated during the lease term to reflect the actual usage level.

A customer may negotiate to purchase the lease vehicle after the lease has expired.  The price of the vehicle will be the vehicle's market value at the time of purchase.

Your lease payment has been based on your estimated usage, in other words, the term you requested and the kilometres you estimated.  Should your circumstances alter and you wish to cancel your lease, a termination fee will generally be charged.