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  • Head Office: +64 9 520 9700
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ORIX specialises in understanding the unique requirements of each of its customers.  This allows us to formulate an appropriate mix of fleet leasing, fleet management and rental services.  We fully understand the importance of seamless day to day transactions and the need to combine this with strategic support on decisions that deliver both direct and indirect cost savings over time.  Why choose ORIX?

Our Staff

ORIX employees come from a broad and diverse range of industries, including mechanical trades, financial services, accounting, transport, commercial vehicle manufacturing and fleet management.  Our staff retention rate is very high which provides our customers with stable relationship management as well as valuable experience that our customers are able to directly access.

Flexible, "Full Service" Product Range

ORIX products are designed to cater for the entire vehicle requirements of small, medium and large businesses so that we become a partner in "vehicle services" rather than just a leasing company.

On-Line Capabilities and Reporting

Our fleet reporting and on-line capabilities allow our customers to effectively access the same level of quantitative and qualitative information as their Account Management team, improving and simplifying what is often a very complex flow of information.  Our Account Management teams supplement our reporting capabilities with regular review meetings aimed at summarising trends and delivering strategic advice.

Commitment to Business Quality

We have developed industry leading internal measurement systems which provide critical feedback to management across key areas of the business.  Our systems are aimed at continually improving service delivery speed and service quality.

Stability, Focus and Independence

ORIX is a global pioneer in leasing and fleet management services.  We are an independent organisation that is not owned by a bank or vehicle manufacturer resulting in consistent ownership, financial stability and impartial advice.


ORIX is a pioneer in reporting on and assisting customers to strategically manage vehicle emissions.  We believe in leading by example and have taken significant steps in reducing our own carbon footprint.

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