Get The Wheels Turning Again

The impact of Covid-19 is being felt across every business in every industry around the globe in one way or another.  For some it has led to unprecedented growth, for others unprecedented losses.  For all, it has challenged the way we operate and made us prioritise the ‘here and now’ to support our business interests, customers and suppliers through this time.  Here are just a few examples of how ORIX can support you:

Need a capital injection?

ORIX Sale & Leaseback is a product where we purchase your fleet and lease it back to you. It is a great way to get an instant cash injection, potentially de-risk a loss on sale and achieve considerable cost savings. The capital you gain from this process could ease up some of the financial pressures your business might be facing. 

For full details on this process and its benefits visit our sale and lease back page.

Wondering if there are options to reduce your lease payments?

Yes, there may be options to lessen the impact of this year’s outgoings. Talk to us about a lease rate review or a possible lease extension by contacting your Account Manager or calling our main line on 0800 106 749.

Need a vehicle, but unsure about committing long term?

ORIX’s Used Vehicle Leases are the perfect way to stop gap vehicle requirements without the long-term commitment. Utilising our quality ex-ease vehicle stock, we can provide vehicles for a wide range of needs that offer lower monthly lease rates and attract lower fringe benefit tax rates. Contact your Account Manager today for further details or call our main line on 0800 106 749.

Want to finance your vehicles and the servicing costs, all in one?

ORIX Finance Leases offer more versatility than a typical Operating Lease. Variable deposits, balloon payments, and tailored monthly lease rental charges allow you flexibility and fiscal control over your company vehicle fleet, without tying up important cash reserves, or exhausting an existing line of credit. You can also include servicing costs with a fully maintained finance lease for ease of forecasting cashflow and peace of mind.

Want to save money on your fleet operations, but don’t have the time?

We have been successfully managing fleets for Kiwi businesses since 1988. From the largest corporates to owner/operators, we have managed fleets through all the ups and downs. Utilise our outstanding customer service, extensive industry expertise and the significant cost benefits we can deliver through our economies of scale.

The keys to our success are our Maintenance Managers who budget, negotiate and analyse your fleet to ensure you are getting the very best performance from your vehicles – not just on the road but on your bottom line.

Whatever your situation, we want to ensure we are offering you all the options to keep your fleet running and your business well supported. Please get in contact with your Account Manager or one of our team on 0800 106 749 so we can talk through the options you have available.

ORIX Christchurch has Moved!

We are pleased to announce the new location of our ORIX Christchurch office at 124 Carmen Road in Hornby. The move comes on the back of increasing demand for leasing and finance options which has resulted in further investment and growth in the Southern region. The new location will be the home of our South Island Vehicle Leasing and Finance operations, our Trucks and Equipment Leasing and Finance, and our quality ex lease vehicle sales yard.

We look forward to seeing you at our new location, feel free to pop in and see the new office. Our hours will continue to be 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and the vehicle sales open on Saturday: 9:00am to 4:00pm. All our contact numbers will remain the same however if you have any issues finding us please call: 03 353 1900

Summer Driving Tips

That’s right, shorts and singlet weather is approaching. Make the most of it by making sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition, inside and out.


PLAY IT COOL. The heat of summer puts pressure on the engine and cooling system so make sure your vehicle is serviced on time and topped up with fluids regularly to keep it in great working shape.

SUN ON THE HORIZON. The long afternoons may be great for a BBQ but aren’t great for driving in the late afternoon with the sun on the horizon. Keep a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses on hand to help you see the road and avoid any incidents.

DON'T DRIVE TIRED. With daylight saving comes longer days and more activities that can lead to driver fatigue. Be on the lookout for signs like restlessness, blinking frequently, yawning and drowsiness, that will alert you that a break is required. Always take a 15 minute break every 2 hours regardless.

BEWARE OF SEA AND SAND. Salt water will cause rust and corrosion to your vehicle, something that falls outside of the fair wear & tear guidelines. While we recommend avoiding salt water and parking as far away from the beach as possible, we know there are times where this can’t be avoided.

To help lower the impact to your vehicle, use a car wash with an under vehicle wash function in each instance to reduce the level of deterioration and financial implications to your business.

EASE UP ON THE ACCELERATOR. With the start of summer comes lycra season. This means more runners, cyclists and pedestrians so ease up on the accelerator, increase your following distance and use caution in areas with pedestrians or heavy traffic.

BE AWARE OF THE TEMPERATURE GUAGE. Driving an over-heated engine can cause significant damage. If you see the temperature gauge rising into the amber zone, turn off your air conditioner, turn on your heater (to draw heat away from the engine), then pull over safely and shut down the engine.

Do not attempt to remove the radiator cap or take other action yourself. Simply telephone our driver helpline: 0800 506 749 for assistance.

CARE FOR YOUR PASSENGERS. It may come as a surprise that the AA receive on average 1400 call-outs a year* for kids and pets left in hot vehicles. Temperatures can soar to 40 degrees in a locked car within 2-3 minutes on a sunny day, even with a window left slightly ajar. Take extra care of all your passengers on hot days and do not leave them alone in a locked car under any circumstances.

STOCK UP FOR THE UNEXPECTED. Be prepared for summer breakdowns. Carry water, snacks, a first aid kit, charged cell phone, sturdy walking shoes and a hat in case of emergencies.

KEEP ON ROLLING. Perform regular inspections of tyres to make sure that they are properly inflated and that there are no breaks or cracks that could lead to a blow out from hot asphalt in the height of summer.

If you have any concerns about driving this summer then please contact our support team here at ORIX Support: 0800 506 749.

*John Healy,, 30.1.2018.


Due to popular demand, we have made our video on IFRS 16 available for everyone in the hope this will help clarify some of the changes. 

This overview is intended to provide a summary for company management on the IFRS 16 changes and its possible impact on your business with respect to fleet vehicle leasing. It is not intended to constitute financial advice.

In this brief overview we’ll cover:

  • What is IFRS 16?
  • What will be the Impact on vehicle leasing?
  • What will be the impact on a company’s financial reporting?
  • What will ORIX provide to assist?
  • What changes should you start to consider now?

For more information please get in contact today to see how we can assist. Call 0800 106 749

What is Fleet Management?

A streamlined fleet that works well is beneficial to an entire business. But weaknesses such as frequent downtime, inflated non-budgeted costs and sudden late-night hassles over accidents quickly become vulnerabilities that can hurt your business bottom line. This is where Fleet Management comes in.

Any vehicle on the road means financial risks are involved. The only way to protect your company against those risks is to know what is happening across all your fleet, at all times. However, having all that data is useless if you don’t have the expertise to interpret it. You need to know how to optimise your fleet and insulate it against unexpected costs.

Fleet Management uses industry expertise and bulk purchasing power to maximise your fleet’s potential and minimise risk to your business. It should be one of the biggest priorities for any business with significant fleet operations.

There are several components that can make up a Fleet Management package. ORIX’s Fleet Management is flexible and packages can be tailored to your businesses’ needs. For example, a fleet of construction utes is going to have very different requirements to a fleet of urban sales rep vehicles. We would always recommend looking for a Fleet Management package that can be tailored to your needs and provide reporting that is fit for purpose.

With over 30 years in the leasing and finance industry, ORIX has refined our Fleet Management service to deliver significant cost savings and optimal performance for your fleet of vehicles.

The following will explain how each Fleet Management aspect can be beneficial to the right fleet. For further details see our Fleet Management Package.

ORIX Maintenance Management

You have two choices for ORIX Maintenance Management.

Budgeted Vehicle Maintenance is available for your ORIX lease vehicles and is integrated into your monthly rentals. The estimated costs of mechanical maintenance and servicing for your vehicle are assessed and averaged over the term of your lease. Your monthly lease payments are consistent and include the amount to cover maintenance. At the end of your lease, if the total expended on maintenance is less than the amount estimated we refund you the difference; if it is more we include a charge for the difference in the final lease reconciliation

Invoiced Vehicle Maintenance is available for vehicles you own, ORIX lease vehicles or third party leased vehicles and is popular when transitioning to a fleet package. We manage all maintenance and servicing work on your behalf and charge it back to you on a monthly basis.

With a maintenance management package (either budgeted maintenance or invoiced management) we can:

  • Obtain service, repair and labour discounts upwards of 30% when compared with retail.
  • Implement our own service schedules to ensure vehicles are maintained correctly and economically.
  • Negotiate out of additional charges such as diagnostic tools, booking fees, freight, and miscellaneous charges.
  • Selectively use third party suppliers for your older vehicles.
  • Set up automatic authorisation limits based on a transaction or monthly maintenance spend to give you ‘arms distance’ control over the maintenance and set up notifications for any exceptions. Any mechanical work above an agreed limit will be referred to you for authorisation before work commences.
  • Invoice you as part of a consolidated monthly invoice for repairs and servicing costs.

This gives your business a considerable cost advantage when servicing or repairing your fleet of company vehicles.

Maintenance Interventions

From time to time vehicle maintenance and mechanical repair situations arise that allow specific, expert intervention by the ORIX maintenance and fleet management team. An expensive repair can be handled in several ways - particularly with an aged vehicle - and often a pragmatic and considered solution can be found at a fraction of the cost of the default option. Coupled with proper spare tyre utilisation, these ‘interventions’ are recorded in the ORIX system and can add up to considerable savings for your business. 

Warranty Issues

ORIX has extensive experience in advocating on behalf of our Fleet Management customers for warranty claims. We have found that a periodic review of these cases offers a valuable insight into the true value of the ORIX Fleet Management relationship.

Warrant of Fitness Management and Alerts

All WOF (warrant of fitness) and COF (certificate of fitness) inspections and authorisations can be managed for you by the ORIX maintenance team.  We will provide regular updates and reporting on vehicles that fall outside normal maintenance and WOF schedules.

Vehicle servicing, COF and WOF notifications can be set up for your drivers in addition to your standard reporting. Text alerts are sent out in the month prior to vehicle servicing, WOF or COF expiry, alerting your drivers to the upcoming requirements and helping to avoid fines.

Vehicle Registration & RUC Management

Annual vehicle re-licensing labels can be issued, printed and dispatched to your drivers directly when required. RUC’s (road user charges) for diesel vehicles can be issued proactively based on your driver’s kilometre usage, or on direct request from your team. Lost or replacement labels and RUCs can be reprinted and organised immediately on request.

Tyre Management

ORIX has nationwide agreements with several tyre providers. Bridgestone and Firestone are our preferred suppliers.  In many cases new lease vehicles are fitted with these brands to ensure that quality and value is provided from day one.  Through this relationship, ORIX can negotiate significant discounts off tyre and tyre related service costs which are passed on to your business.

We work with tyre suppliers to ensure effective tyre management. This includes qualification of tyre amounts, type of tyre requests, fitments and wheel alignments.  ORIX Tyre Management reduces administration for your business and ensures the spare tyre is introduced at the earliest opportunity to avoid it becoming obsolete and therefore unable to be used. This translates to significant savings for your business without compromising the safety of your drivers.

ORIX Accident / Breakdown Management

In the event of an accident or breakdown, ORIX has procedures and dedicated staff in place to ensure your driver and their vehicle is off the road for the shortest possible time, with the minimum of disruption to your ongoing business requirements.

Since 1996, First Assistance Ltd has responded to all of ORIX’s requests for emergency assistance. First Assistance is a 24/7 service provider that manages all aspects of a ‘first call’ accident or breakdown service on behalf of ORIX, with specific requirements set to ensure your driver’s welfare.

As an industry recognised provider of roadside assistance, First Assistance offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Extensive digital mapping of the entire country allowing them to establish your drivers’ exact whereabouts.
  • Ability to find the closest service supplier to get your driver back on the road, from a database of over 2,500 service providers.
  • Experience in handling approximately 30,000 inbound emergency calls per month. Most customer calls are answered immediately and roadside assistance is provided on average:
    -  Within 32.1 minutes nationally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    -  Within 19.5 minutes in the metropolitan areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The initial phone call to First Assistance starts a full incident response process, including the co-ordination of towing, repairs and loan vehicle when required.  

Replacement or Relief Vehicles

ORIX can organise a replacement vehicle when necessary at your request with the cost of the replacement rental passed on to your business. The replacement vehicle provided will be similar to the existing vehicle on lease (where possible) and the costs will be at ORIX’s preferential rental rates.

Toll Management

Toll processing can be managed by ORIX and requires very little involvement from your business. A ‘Toll Road’ account is set up for your vehicles that require access to toll roads. ORIX pays any toll charges and invoices them back to your business. A monthly statement of all toll charges incurred is available at any time on request.

Infringement Management

Managing driver infringements (speeding fines etc.) is a time critical process that requires immediate and direct action to ensure further costs are not incurred. Upon receipt and confirmation that an infringement charge is legitimate, ORIX can organise for the fine to be transferred into your driver’s name so the risk is removed from your business. This involves ORIX verifying the driver’s licence number and current home address by way of direct email to your driver with escalation to your cost centre manager if needed.

Driver Training

ORIX can arrange both initial and ongoing training for your drivers. Our Driver Training service offers a range of programmes to assess drivers, support drivers with one on one training courses and deliver a comprehensive training and risk management solution.  

We can also facilitate workshops held off site or at your offices and provide corporate induction sessions to cover driver training specific to your business. Topics can be varied and the education can be theory, practical or online.

We highly recommend implementing a driver training and safety programme for your drivers to ensure safety and best practice are regularly top of mind.

Relocation of Vehicles

From time to time it may be necessary to relocate a leased vehicle between your offices or around the country. ORIX can promptly arrange the transportation of these vehicles to most destinations at discounted rates.

Proven Expertise

The most beneficial item our Fleet Management package can offer you is access to our experienced team. Our maintenance staff members are all trade qualified industry professionals with experience in all aspects of the automotive business including; Automotive Engineering, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Electric Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV), and Auto Electrical Engineering.  The team actively monitors maintenance costs, reducing over-spending so that all repairs are completed in accordance with manufacturer and safety standards.

Our dedicated Account Managers are highly experienced in managing your fleet’s movement's, reporting on your fleet’s progress, identifying inconsistencies and providing opportunities that could maximise your fleet’s potential.

A Fleet Management solution minimises the potential risk in the running of your company vehicles, allowing you to run an efficient vehicle fleet with reduced administrative burden. It can be as comprehensive or simple as you need but most importantly, a good Fleet Management system allows you to concentrate on what matters most, running your business.

If you’re ready to maximise your fleet’s potential, call us today on 0800 106 749.