30 Years of Warm Welcome

Last week the welcoming face of ORIX New Zealand celebrated 30 years with the business. In honour of Catherine’s long service, we asked her what it was that’s kept her here all these years.

“If you had asked me 30 years ago if I’d still be here today, I would have laughed off the idea as being absurd! 

But 30 years on, ORIX has maintained the wonderful unique culture and great work ethic that I fell in love with at the start, with the added bonus of sharing my genuine love of cars and meeting some of my closest friends!

ORIX NZ is a successful, fun business and I feel there have been enough changes around me not to make any major changes myself – why try to fix something that isn’t broken! 

I’ve watched the comings and goings of people (including some ‘goodies’ coming back!)  and 30 years on we have an impressive number of long-timers mixed with lots of new blood, that has proven to be a great mix.

It hasn’t always been without its tough times.  We have lost some special people and while it hits us hard, the way we pull together is amazing! 

We are a close knit team that looks out for each other and that has never changed. 

I have always been and still am today, proud to be a part of the ORIX family.” 

Catherine Paul – Office Administration Manager, ORIX New Zealand

Thank you for all your years with ORIX NZ Catherine, you embody the quality values we strive for as a business and have provided a high level of service for us all to strive towards. We hope to have you for 30 years more!

Toll Road Price Increase

From the 1st of March 2019, the prices for the Tauranga and Northern Gateway toll roads will increase. The NZTA announced this increase as being in line with inflation. The following will be affected:

Northern Gateway Toll Road: Light Vehicles (car/motorcycle) – Will rise from $2.30 to $2.40 Heavy (bus/truck) – Will rise from $4.70 to $4.80

Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road: Light Vehicles (car/motorcycle) – Will rise from $2.00 to $2.10 Heavy (bus/truck) – Will rise from $5.00 to $5.20

Takitimu Drive Toll Road: Light Vehicles (car/motorcycle) – Will rise from $1.80 to $1.90 Heavy (bus/truck) – Will rise from $4.80 to $5.00

 For those with a Toll account, the new charges will happen automatically and there is no need to do anything.

Pre-purchased trips prior to the 1 March 2019 update will still be valid and recognised as a fully paid trip with no top up needed.

This increase only affects the toll charges, service and transaction fees have not changed.

For more information please visit: tollroad@nzta.govt.nz.  

Information sourced from NZTA.govt.nz

Reflection on the 2018 Market

For the 5th year in a row New Zealand’s new car registrations hit an all-time high in 2018. All in all, 161,770 new vehicles were registered for our roads, an increase of 1,646 vehicles over 2017. To put that in perspective, it’s almost twice as many vehicles as the 84,640 that were registered in 2011 when we were dealing with the global financial crisis.

Toyota was New Zealand’s preferred brand, followed by Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi and Mazda respectively rounding out the top five manufacturers. Toyota made up 20% of all registrations with 32,360, despite their change to Toyota Driveaway Price (TDP) on the first of April.

Ford Ranger was the top selling vehicle for 2018. HiLux was second to Ranger then followed by Corolla, RAV4 and Triton rounding out the top five. So the New Zealand love affair for Utes continues. Interestingly only one SUV has made the top five considering SUV’s overall market share of sales matched that of LCV’s (Light Commercial Vehicles). The reason behind this could be that virtually all manufacturers now have an SUV to offer the market whereas LCV manufacturers are more limited.

The top news story of 2018 was the stink bugs causing all sorts of issues. This meant some ships had to return to their original ports to be fumigated causing considerable delivery delays. Unfortunately, this is still an ongoing issue with industry and government working to find a suitable solution.

Toyota’s change to TDP pricing caused lots of talk in the market. Toyota still came out on top with more sales than their peers, selling more cars than they did in 2017, however rentals made up a large proportion of their total sales.

More new EV models launched to our market in 2018 with the first EV Van from LDV making an appearance. Total EV sales were around 2,150 or 1.3% of the total NZ market. Most manufacturers tell us that they will have an EV in the NZ market within the next 3 years. Range continues to improve with the Hyundai Kona getting around 400km per charge, however pricing is still not comparable with internal combustion engines even when you add fuel savings. ORIX’s new programme ORIX NZ EVi should help businesses in overcoming these issues.

The prediction for 2019 is that we will see a softening in the market, which leads to questions around where we will see the market end up; will Toyota remain in top position? Will we see a continued reliance on rental registrations? Will the LCV love affair end? ORIX NZ intends to be at the forefront of the industry in advice, opinion and new initiatives.  

ORIX NZ receives EECA co-funding and launches Electric Vehicle initiative.

ORIX New Zealand is proud to announce that we have been approved for co-funding from the Government's Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) for our new Electric Vehicle Initiative, ORIX NZ EVi.

ORIX NZ EVi is a programme where ORIX NZ offers businesses with 16 or more lease vehicles with ORIX  (and that meet other participation criteria) the opportunity to upgrade one of their fleet’s vehicles to a selected electric vehicle at the same lease rate as the fossil fuel equivalent. ORIX NZ will also install a charging unit at the business premises free of charge and provide opening charging credit. The aim for the project is to remove many of the barriers businesses face when attempting to incorporate an electric vehicle into their fleet.

Through our daily operations ORIX NZ has seen increasing interest in adding electric vehicles to fleets but the reality is that the majority of these businesses are reluctant to invest the higher upfront costs. By removing the additional cost of an electric vehicle, the cost of the charging unit and by handling most of the admin, ORIX helps eliminate these barriers. This will integrate electric vehicles into a wider range of businesses over a three year period, giving them the opportunity to experience and fully evaluate an electric vehicle for their organisation.

As a valued leasing partner ORIX NZ is always looking for ways to help our clients achieve their sustainable goals. Thanks to EECA and the co-funding we are now able to offer ORIX NZ EVi. This will give people the chance to experience an electric vehicle first hand over an extended period and it will go a long way in encouraging acceptance of electric vehicles with the wider public.  

We believe the impacts of ORIX NZ EVi will continue long after the programme has ended with people better understanding the true benefits of sustainable transportation. To learn more about ORIX NZ EVi, please contact one of our Business Development Managers who can talk you through the process and benefits of ORIX NZ EVi.

Find out how ORIX NZ EVi can help your business.

Summer Driving Tips

That’s right, shorts and singlet weather is approaching. Time to drag out the jandals and scrub the BBQ, summer’s on its way.

Hydration is key.

Water, water, water - for your engine, your wipers and of course, you and your passengers. Keep a few spare bottles of water in the car for those long road trips these summer holidays as you never know where you could end up.


The long afternoons may be great for a BBQ but aren’t great for driving in the late afternoon with the sun on the horizon. Keep a spare pair of sunglasses in your vehicle in the off chance your expensive Italian knockoffs aren’t available.

Keep the Beers Cold.

If you’re transporting a few cold ones, or you have a few perishables to transport then try putting them in the boot of your vehicle. It’ll keep them a lot cooler than in the hot sun on the back seat.

It’s always a good safety tip to keep all heavy unsecured objects in the boot in the case of an accident. Always remember though, if you’re drinking then don’t drive home. Take a cab or stay the night.

Don’t drink and drive.

You know this, we all know this, yet it continues to happen. If you’re driving home, you don’t drink, it’s that simple. Want a cold drink at the BBQ you’re attending? There are plenty of non-alcoholic wines or beers that will do the trick or simply nominate a sober driver.

Beware Sea and Sand.

Salt water will cause rust and corrosion to your vehicle, something that is not included in fair wear and tear. Park your vehicle as far from the beach as possible and avoid salt water and boat ramps or you could face big additional costs at the end of your lease contract.

J’s off your feet!

Jandals may be the national shoe of summer but it’s best to kick them off before stepping behind the wheel. The loose fitting jandal can get curled up or hooked behind the driving pedals and cause a serious accident.

Although it is not illegal in New Zealand to drive in jandals, we suggest using bare feet instead, or ultimately changing into a pair of shoes with good grip for the ideal driving condition.

Stay off the mobile.

There’s no text you need to read, or call you need to answer that is more important than your life, or the lives of others around you. Don’t be stupid, stay off the mobile while you’re driving, use a hands free device or pull over.

Most people will forgive you for not answering straight away, but you won’t forgive yourself if you cause a serious accident.

Share the Road.

Along with summer comes lycra season. The warmer weather will bring out a lot more runners, cyclists and pedestrians on our roads. So keep an eye out for others and remember to share the road.

Don’t drive tired. With daylight saving comes a long list of activities we try to cram into the long evening. This can lead to unexpected tiredness at the end of the day, don’t try and push through, take a break and recover. A 10 minute nap may be all you need to recoup the energy needed to get you home. If in doubt, pull over and rest.

Fill up early.

With the holidays fast approaching it’s a good idea to fill up one or two days before your big drive to avoid the queues. Service centers often have deals running a few days before the holidays so it could save you in the pocket as well.

If you have any concerns about driving this summer then please contact our support team here at ORIX Support: 0800 506 749.