Drive Electric

We are proud to be members of Drive Electric. An organisation set up to break down the barriers to electric vehicle ownership. By sharing knowledge and expertise, we hope to make electric vehicle ownership in New Zealand more achievable.

Sustainable Business Network

On top of our sustainable practices, we are also members of the Sustainable Business Network. A social enterprise made up of business, government agencies and organisations across New Zealand with an aim to build profit that benefits communities, employees and our environment.

SPCA Sponsorship

Choosing a charity to support isn’t easy. But we decided our four-legged friends could do with some four wheeled support. By donating a vehicle to Wellington SPCA, inspectors and rescue staff can continue to protect animals in our communities.

Volunteer Days

We know that everyone has a charity that’s close to their hearts, so each year our staff have the opportunity to volunteer for their charity or organisation of choice. 

If you would like to request the support of ORIX, please post your details and request to:

Marketing Department
ORIX New Zealand
Private Bag 99924
Auckland 1149

We are open to many different options and are happy to help where we can. Please get in contact to hear more about our sponsorship opportunities.