Here Today. Here Tomorrow.

ORIX is globally supported, financially stable and independent of a vehicle manufacturer – so you can be sure of consistent service now and well into the future.

A Passionate Team

With backgrounds in engineering, finance, accounting, transport, manufacturing and fleet management, there’s not a lot the team at ORIX can’t help you with. Whether we’ve seen it before or we need to learn, you’ll find we are driven to find an innovative solution that benefits your business. 

Technology Driven

Technology is moving our business into an exciting future. At ORIX we are driving the way forward and embracing all the benefits and added value technology can bring. Examples of this thinking are evident in our Driver Mobile App, our Pool Booking System, Online Reporting Portal and Telematics products. As smart and as useful as they may be, you can be sure we’re not sitting still, because if there’s an improvement we can make to add value to your business, we’ll find it and make it happen.

One Stop Shop

In business, time is everything. Why spend precious time chasing all over town - when you can get everything at one stop. Fleets, trucks, trailers, yellow goods, machinery – we fund it all.  Even if you are looking for something beyond the norm – we’ll find a way to help make it happen. That’s a true one stop shop.

A Global Solution

If your business takes you beyond New Zealand’s shores, you might be interested in our global offering. With our Global Fleet Services covering Australia, Japan, South and East Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it’s possible to have one fleet leasing solution for all your international business needs.