ORIX NZ Product Manager, Emma Saxon says their innovative Vehicle Inspection App “is a game changer when it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles.” 

The inspection functionality is seamlessly integrated into the ORIX NZ mobile driver app “DriverHQ” and is offered as a subscription service to ORIX NZ customers. It is a simple yet powerful tool that guides drivers through a series of prompts to identify vehicle damage or compliance issues.  In instances where damage has occurred, drivers can easily capture and upload images as well as assessing the damage against the ORIX NZ Fair Wear & Tear Policy - ensuring a fair and accurate assessment of the vehicle condition. 

"By conducting regular inspections and recording the results, fleet managers can identify any issues early and take proactive measures to address them," says Emma. "This not only helps to maintain compliance of the fleet but also contributes to better cost management by minimizing unexpected repairs at lease end." 

All inspection data is captured and stored in the ORIX NZ management system for a comprehensive audit trail, which, alongside maintenance and accident records, gives a comprehensive view of the vehicle's history and condition. 

In addition to the benefits for fleet managers, Emma highlights the additional value that the DriverHQ Vehicle Inspections function adds by increasing driver awareness through the self-driven inspection process. "Drivers are prompted to check for specific issues, which helps them become more aware of the importance of maintaining their vehicles in a good condition." 

Gone are the days of cumbersome paper inspection forms. Streamline the process and gain greater visibility over your fleet with ORIX New Zealand's Vehicle Inspections App on DriverHQ.