ORIX Operating Leases provide a flexible solution for company fleet needs – big or small, while freeing up valuable capital better spent elsewhere in your business. Either fully maintained (ORIX maintained) or non-maintained (client maintained), an ORIX Operating Lease allows you to structure the lease to your requirements.

  • All Operating Lease payments and expenses are fully tax deductible.*
  • ORIX takes the residual risk, so there is no potential loss on vehicle disposal.
  • A modern fleet with no major upfront costs.
  • Your existing lines of credit remain intact.
  • Fewer surprises with fixed monthly lease payments.
  • Greater discounts with ORIX volume purchasing power.
  • Frees your staff to concentrate on your business.
  • Full vehicle maintenance can be administered by ORIX.
  • Purchase and disposal is the responsibility of ORIX.

*This is not intended to constitute tax advice. 

How does it work?

You agree to lease a new car, ute or van for a fixed amount of time, making monthly payments. Our team of specialists manage the vehicle throughout the term of the lease and your company has no residual risk liability.  At the end of the agreement, you return the vehicle.

After a quote or more information on Operating Leases?

Often called ‘Lease to Own’, an ORIX Finance Lease puts you in the vehicle of your choice with more options – including owning the vehicle outright at the end of the lease.

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A Used Vehicle Lease offers many of the advantages of an ORIX Operating Lease or ORIX Finance Lease but with the cost benefits of using a quality ORIX ex-lease vehicle.

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Sale and Leaseback is a product where we purchase your fleet and lease it back to you. It is a great way to get an instant cash injection and achieve considerable cost savings.

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Nissan Juke

ST Auto Petrol

$374 +GST per month

Based on a 48 month term, a 15,000km allowance per annum on an operating lease.  Maintenance is not included.

Nissan X-Trail

ST (7 Seater) 2.5L Petrol

$353 +GST per month

Based on a 48 month term, a 15,000km allowance per annum on an operating lease.  Maintenance is not included.

Some people believe owning your fleet gives you more control as you are not tied to lease contracts and can dispose of vehicles when it suits you.

What they forget is that ownership ties up a significant amount of capital that could be put to better use in other areas of your business.

Leasing frees up this capital and becomes a tax deductible expense*.

The true cost of ownership is not just the upfront outlay, it’s the day to day management, the maintenance and the administration of vehicles that are not your core business. With an ORIX lease, the administration and management of your fleet is carried out by industry experts. The costs to maintain the vehicle are budgeted into the lease and ORIX takes the residual risk on disposal.

 Working with ORIX as the subject matter experts gives you access to:

  • Vehicle fleet policy and planning expertise.

  • Volume purchasing power on vehicles, servicing and fuel.

  • Comprehensive online and reporting facilities.

  • A full suite of fleet management services – budgeted into the lease or via a recharge facility.

  • Vehicle lifecycle management.

  • Fixed monthly costs and budgeting.